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ABSI Legal Technology, Ltd. offers attorneys a full-range of leading edge information technology solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Teamed with our extensive project management and litigation experience, ABSI provides legal professionals with tools and support necessary to excel in today’s legal environment.

Petrification Toolkit built into iBlaze 3.0 – A New Feature

The petrification toolkit is now built into iBlaze 3.0. This allows users to convert electronic documents to an image from within iBlaze. To petrify an image, right click on the record and choose Petrify document. Documents can be converted to a black and white image or color. Use the marking feature to petrify multiple records in one command.

The results will show the document as both an image and an edoc.



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Summation Training and Access Data Certified, ABSI Legal is the ultimate sourceCustom designed databases
Providing iBlaze Training, Legal Consulting Support, Summation, LG, iBlaze, LG Gold, 
and Litigation Support Request for Proposal submission
 Gayle Absi is an imaging and training support specialist for Access Data's SummationManage electronic discovery
Cleveland Ohio is privileged to have a Summation Expert, Certified Administrator, Certified Case Manager and Certified Summation Enduser.  Gayle is an Export SCA, SCCM, and SCE for SummationCustomized software training
ABSI can help with Predictive Coding, Bulk coding, Intelligence panel, Native ingestion, and Production
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