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  • Quickly retrieve and review documents

  • Search testimony, locate key facts, documents, and information

  • Simplify electronic and paper discovery

  • Create on-line redactions with ease in the image viewer

  • Efficiently review transcripts and linked exhibits

  • Easily link case events to documents and transcripts

  • Manage all documents associated with litigation by using imaging

  • Attach video and audio files and utilize synchronization tools

  • Simultaneously search multiple case items

  • Share case documents with other by using the Briefcasing function

  • Utilize the software's scalable resources for both large and small cases

With AD Summation, Lawyers are able to:

‚ÄčEvaluating your practice with industry leading software

AD Summation is the #1 tool used for litigation by the top 200 law firms. ABSI is an AD Summation Support Specialist (SSS), which means we are skilled computer professionals well versed in the expert use, training and implementation of AD Summation Pro, Express and iBlaze. By taking advantage of our litigation expertise and methodical, strategic approach to database design and management, your practice will experience new levels of cost efficiency and productivity.

Software Implementation and Training

AD Summation