Legal Technology Ltd.

Since 1999, ABSI Legal Technology, LTD., has provided consulting services to support attorneys' use of technology in the practice of law. Prior to forming ABSI, founder Gayle Absi managed

legal support services at British Petroleum's Cleveland-based law department. In her

over 30 years working within and with corporate

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Ms. Absi is available to speak on legal technology, including managing the e-discovery process. As an Access Data Summation Support Specialist (SSS) -Certified Trainer, and IPro Certified Expert for Eclipse SE with proven expertise in database design and management. She helps numerous companies and firms learn and utilize the latest technologies available.

‚ÄčABSI Legal Technology, Ltd. holds various governmental certifications as a small, woman-owned business.

Solutions for Lawyers


Electronic Discovery

law departments and law firms of all sizes, Ms. Absi has experience on a wide assortment of cases and has worked with a variety of vendors and legal teams. She has extensive experience in producing electronic records in litigation, and designing and managing databases. She has overseen complex software implementation, including case management and multi-location software projects and has managed large volume document review teams.